These products are individually assembled when ordered, and the Autopilot/AHRS products have a unique serial number linked to your name and email address so that we can provide support where needed.

Once we have assembled your product we will do a thorough test to make sure everything is correctly setup and calibrated. For Autopilot products we will pre-configure the most suitable parameters based on your typical cruise speed . Our objective is to ensure  your product is working properly prior to your installation and tuning to your own air-frame. We will be happy to provide telephone support as required.

Contact or call 646-770-2497 for support

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AUTOPILOT / AHRS / TRIM User and Installation Guide:

Global Desktop Weather Station

Strobe Controller

AHRS User and Installation Guide:

TRIM User and Installation Guide:

Differential Drivers Wiring Guide:

NAV Function User Guide:

Lightning Pulse Generator Guide:

Tuning Kit User Guide:

AUTOPILOT / AHRS (no TRIM) User and Installation Guide:

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3.5" Screen

5" Screen