Pilot Global METAR / TAF Desktop Weather Station. Displays latest Metar and TAF information.  Designed to remain continuously switched on.



  • Raspberry Pi 3 + SD card Weather Station software

  • 7" Touch Screen (official Raspberry Pi display)

  • Mini USB dongle for customized setup (METAR stations, WiFi config)

  • 5V mains power supply 100-240V (non US customers will need local country adapter)

  • Data from aviationweather.gov (global coverage: 9,000+ airports)


SKU: WS0021
  • Developed, assembled and tested in Florida, USA


    Global METAR / TAF Desktop Weather Station

    • Supports 5 Metar stations
    • Auto mode cycles through each station (configurable delay)
    • Connects via 2.4Ghz 802.11n Wifi
    • Decodes sky condition, weather, station location, etc.
    • Configuration changes are made in config files on the mini-USB dongle provided:
    • Size 8" x 4.5" x 2" (200mm x 114mm x 51mm)
    • User Guide
    • Video