Manual Trim Controller kit for experimental and ultralight aircraft for control of trim tabs or secondary control surfaces only, controlling pitch and roll (uses PWM servos, NOT standard aircraft jackscrew type servos. See servo guide). Only required for manual trim option.

Manual trim for pitch and roll (typically via yoke trim switches).
Upgrade path to Autopilot available.

Non TSO'd



  • Manual Trim Controller - FPGA logic board for pitch & roll for PWM servos

  • 5V power supply

  • Central trim LEDs




Manual Trim Controller

  • Developed, assembled and tested in Florida, USA

    Manual Trim Controller for pitch and roll to drive PWM servos (not included) for trim tabs or secondary control surfaces (will be delivered enclosed in protective shrink wrap tubing):

    • Yoke switch inputs for pitch up/down and roll left/right
    • PWM signal ouputs for pitch and roll
    • Single touch or continuos press
    • Simultaneous press of opposing switches centralizes trim
    • Central trim LED indications for pitch and roll
    • Over-voltage / static protection
    • Includes Autopilot integration firmware (for upgrade path to AP)
    • Approx. 4.5" x 1.5" (114mm x 38mm)
    • User Guide / Terms & Conditions