2 Channel LED Strobe Controller + LEDs for experimental aircraft. Replace older tube based strobe lights (e.g. Aeroflash) with high brightness LEDs.

See User Guide for installation and tube replacement ideas

Non TSO'd.  Compatible with FAA CFR 25.1401 strobe requirements, and CFR 107.29 for unmanned aircraft.

CAUTION – LEDs are VERY bright – Do not look directly at LED when powered up.



  • 12V LED Strobe Controller to drive 2 x strobe lights

  • 2 flashes approx 15ms, 0.1s apart, every second

  • 4 x 10W White SMD LEDs

  • Works with any 12V LED (10W - 40W per strobe - see User Guide)



  • LED wiring

  • Filters/Housings

LED Strobe Controller

SKU: ST1021
  • Developed, assembled and tested in Florida, USA


    12V Strobe Controller (can be delivered in RFI shielded protective shrink wrap tubing).

    • Suitable for 2 x LED Strobe lights 10W - 40W each
      (LEDs typically 100 Lumens per Watt) 
    • 4 x 10W 1000LM White 6000-6500K, 120 degree SMD LEDs
    • 2 flashes approx 15ms, 0.1s apart, every second
    • Input Voltage 12 - 15V
    • Max output current 8A
    • Max total power 80W
    • Surge protected
    • Mounting options: PCB mounting holes (3mm) or RFI shielded shrink wrap
    • Shielded wire to LEDs recommended
    • Temp range -40c to +85c (-40F to 185F)
    • Size: 6.5" x 2" x 1.4" (166mm x 52mm x 36mm)
    • Mounting holes: 143mm x 43mm, 3mm diameter
    • Terms & Conditions / User Guide