In flight Tuning Kit for Autopilot

Ability to tune Flight Controller values in flight
(Must be purchased with Autopilot products or existing customers only)

Non TSO'd



  • Tuning box with 3 knobs for Pitch, Roll and Nav parameter tuning

  • USB cable


  • All other Autopilot / AHRS hardware/software


In-Flight Autopilot Tuning Kit

  • Developed, assembled and tested in Florida, USA

    Tuning kit for Autopilot products:

    • Easier and faster way of tuning the Autopilot
    • Tuning of P.I.D. values and NAVL1_PERIOD Arduplane parameters in-flight
    • Screen display shows parameter values
    • LED indicates connection to Autopilot established
    • Box is 4" x 2.5" x 1" (102mm x 63mm x 25mm)
    • User Guide/ Terms & Conditions