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Gyro Stability Controller for experimental and ultralight aircraft for trim tabs or secondary control surfaces.

For aircraft stability only. It does not have any navigational capability, and so will not hold a specific track or altitude. It is designed to react to turbulence and unwanted disturbances in pitch, roll and yaw.

(non TSO'd)



  • Gyro controller for Roll, Pitch and Yaw

  • Customized parameters for LSA class aircraft

  • PWM Servo Switch

  • 5V power supply

  • Stabilization LED



  • Autopilot / AHRS hardware/software

  • ON / OFF Switch

  • PWM Servos


Gyro Stability Controller

Electrical System
  • Developed, assembled and tested in Florida, USA

    Gyro Stabilization Controller for pitch, roll and yaw to drive PWM servos (not included) for trim tabs or secondary control surfaces:


    • Gyro stability for pitch, roll and Yaw (custom tuning parameters)
    • Counteracts turbulence and unwanted disturbances
    • Switch on and off as required
    • LED indicates when engaged
    • Individual axis gains adjustable
    • Approx. 1.7" x 1.5" (43mm x 38mm)