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Trim assist Autopilot / AHRS kit for experimental LSA class aircraft and ultralights for trim tabs or secondary control surfaces only. Includes NAV mode, ground speed, altitude and vector/distance to Home as well as flight logging features. (Uses PWM servos, NOT standard aircraft jackscrew type servos. See servo guide).
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Upgrade path to Autopilot + Trim available.

Non TSO'd



  • SD card Autopilot software

  • UAV Flight Controller running Ardupilot (2 x IMUs)

  • External GPS/Compass

  • NAV / Wi-Fi Module

  • USB link cable (Raspberry Pi to Flight Controller)

  • Servo orientation test switch

  • Parameter customization, calibration and full integration QA test + support

  • Flight logging


  • Raspberry Pi + Screen

  • Trim Controller

  • Trim switches / PWM Servos

  • Servo regulators

  • Servo differential drivers (required)

AHRS -> AP Upgrade

  • Developed, assembled and tested in Florida, USA

    Autopilot/AHRS Features:

    • Stability, Cruise, NAV and Home modes
    • Ability to fly missions from mobile device
    • 0, 30, 45, 60 degree arc
    • GPS Groundspeed
    • GPS Altitude (AMSL)
    • Current Heading
    • Bearing to Home Location
    • Distance to Home Location
    • Flight Logging (ability to view on Google Earth)
    • Calibrate Straight & Level from touchscreen
    • Connect wirelessly to modify flight parameters and download logs
    • Screen Size: 3 1/2" x 2 1/4" (82mm x 57mm)
    • User Guide / Terms & Conditions
    • AP Video Overview
    • NAV Video Overview
    • Screen Template (paper size 8.5" x 11")