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All Autopilot, AHRS and Trim products are available in the Shop

Complete 2 Axis Autopilot Kit Requires:

  • Autopilot OR Autopilot + Manual Trim

  • 2 x Servo Voltage Regulators (or BECs)

  • 2 x Servo Differential Drivers
    (strongly recommended for cable runs > 10 feet)

  • 2 x Servos (not sold by Xflight*)


  • Manual Trim Controller

  • In-Flight Tuning Kit

*Servos typically <$100 each. See servo selection guide for specs. Contact us for links to main suppliers. Note: Wiring runs to servos and power switches/fuses not provided

Upgrade path for existing customers:

AHRS --> AP:

AP --> AP + TRIM: