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Autopilot & AHRS

Trim / Autopilot and AHRS for Experimental and Ultralight Aircraft


What is it?

A simple to use trim and secondary control surface based autopilot and AHRS, with manual trim, wings-level stability, cruise control and return to home functions (non-TSO)


Functionality and features:

  • Integrated Manual Trim and Autopilot modes

  • Touch  screen buttons for all Autopilot functions

  • Customized parameters for your aircraft (e.g. stall speed, typical cruise speed, etc.)

  Autopilot Modes:

  • Stability: Wings level

  • Cruise Control: Maintains altitude and heading

  • Home: Acquires and turns onto home heading and altitude (shows distance to home)

  • NAV: Connect to the Ardupilot QGroundControl app to execute missions from a mobile device

  • Black-box: logs flight data for future analysis

  • AHRS: displays GPS altitude (AMSL), ground speed, current heading, target heading, distance to home


The Autopilot is designed to control pitch and roll via secondary flight controls, allowing normal operation of primary flight controls solely by the pilot.

  • Pitch uses elevator trim control surface

  • Roll uses either secondary ailerons/flaperons or aileron trim control surfaces

  • Maximum bank angle is customizable (typically 20 degrees)

  • Customizable stall speed and other parameters

  • Black box function stores flight data in standard file format for on-the-ground flight analysis

  • Tested in real experimental aircraft and advanced flight simulators


The Autopilot uses open source software and off-the-shelf hardware to keep the price down, including the use of standard high-torque PWM servos.
All components are very light weight

The Linux based Raspberry Pi is used as the supervisory computer and AHRS processor; this in turn controls the advanced, award winning Ardupilot autopilot software running on the latest flight controller.

The trim controller uses a custom FPGA board (for fast PWM signal processing)


Since the Autopilot does not need access to the Pitot system, it can also be used as a mobile low cost / backup AHRS / black box system

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Solution Options

Note: All options EXCLUDE servos and physical switches as these will vary depending on application (all autopilot functions are controlled with the touch screen buttons)


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